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Putting "Service back into Customer Service!


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"When liberty becomes license, dictatorship is near." William C. Durant





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We provide quality service for your business and technology needs with a "one-stop shopping" environment.

Busy owners, executives and managers will save their companies time and money looking for vital solutions for all their needs. 

~ We Specialize in Websites ~

Packages Starting at Only $695

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Hosting Packages under $10/month

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SKConsulting, LLC for all your business & technology needs!

Business slow?

Now is not the time to cut back on getting your message out there! 

Don't have a website?

Stop waiting!

You can have a 24/7 live advertisement to help bring in customers.


Have a website? How much is it working? If you don't know, you should! Check out our SEO/SEM page.


Or maybe it is time for a redesign. We specialize in revitalizing worn-out webs. Call us for a face lift or a complete overhaul!


We Can Help!

SKConsulting, LLC

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SKConsulting for all your business & technology needs!